SIMP Tokenomics


1 billion SIMP will be minted at genesis and will become accessible over 3 years time. The initial allocation is as follows:

Token allocation

  • Total Supply: 1 billion SIMP
  • 40% of the genesis supply is available for liquidity immediately
  • 30% is available for weekly rewards over 3 years
  • 27.5% for bounty programs, contests and tipping
  • 2.5% will be distributed to existing users

Token liquidity

40% of the total supply will be available for liquidity at launch. This will be used to provide liquidity on uniswap v2 and to bootstrap the initial trading of the token.

Weekly rewards

30% of the total supply will be distributed weekly to users over 3 years. The rewards are distributed based on the volume of trades a user makes, the volume a users referral links users make and the social media interactions on X.

For a breakdown of the weekly rewards, see the rewards page.

Existing users

25 million SIMP (2.5%) will be airdropped to existing users. This will be done through an airdrop for users who have interacted with the platform in the past.

The 2.5% airdrop is split amongst 695 historical user addresses. Every user will receive 35,971 SIMP tokens.


275 million SIMP (27.5%) of the total supply will be allocated to bounty programs, contests and tipping. These tokens will be used to reward users for contributing to the platform in several ways.

For more information on the tipping feature, see the tipping page.