Tipping Tokens


Payout totals


Payout history

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June 4th, 20240x1c51636d...3ab18213
June 11th, 20240xaec6029c...5479a9fc
June 18th, 20240x1b1ea328...b94f4bd7
June 25th, 20240x8adcb849...c7b00b9f
July 2nd, 20240xd064c87d...c7bea8d4
July 9th, 20240xeb9a762d...311a1535
July 16th, 20240x96238bed...ea81d659

In-app tipping

Users will be given a set amount of SIMP tokens daily to tip other users. That amount will be based on the user's trading volume from the week prior.

Those tokens are use it or lose it. You're not able to save them. So make sure to tip your favorite users daily!

How to tip

To tip another user, simply click the tip button of a post in the feed, or in a users profile. You'll be able to tip any amount of your daily allotment of tokens you have left.

Tipping payouts

Tipping payouts will happen every Tuesday. The amount of SIMP you've earned from tips will be automatically deposited into your Privy wallet in the Simps app. From there you can withdraw them to any Ethereum wallet or spend them on the platform.