Introducing SIMP


  • Total Supply: 1 billion SIMP
  • 100% of the total supply will be distributed to users
  • 40% of the genesis supply is available for liquidity immediately
  • 30% is available for weekly rewards distributed over 3 years
  • 27.5% for bounty programs, contests and tipping
  • 2.5% will be airdropped to existing users

Farming TL;DR

  • 30% of the total supply will be distributed weekly to users over 3 years
  • Weekly rewards are distributed to users based on the volume of trades, the volume of trades made by referral link users, and social media interactions. Learn more about the rewards system.

Utility TL;DR

  • The SIMP token will be used for tipping other users. Learn more
  • Users will be able to buy and sell trophies with SIMP
  • SIMP can be used to pay for keys and gain room access